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Sale of Trollsmeds jewellry and stuff

Visit our trollsmed webshop at
We are not able to sell to foreign customers from the webshop, but PLEASE mail the Trollsmed, and she will move the item to an Etsy shop, where evryone can shop.
We have presented a few norwegian artist on our site, so welcome to have a look!
The Trollsmed shop is not built yet, due to a formal bureaucrat hell on our place at Vøringfossen.



Trollsmeds first post

Trollsmed has got its own blog!

This will be a site for what is happening with, around Voringfossen, the development, the nature, the things being made…

…. all the creative acttivitys that is shown in the trollsmed website.

While we try to make this blog roll, please visit http://www.trollsmed.com/

and the wonderful area

http://www.voringfossen.com/ – Norways most famous waterfall.

Here is Voringfossen:


And here is Tyssvikjo, on the orther side of the valley.


See you!