Trollsmed digging for troll beads…

Someone asked me.. WHAT needs to be a trollsmith??

In my silent I thought.. One needs to be thrown out of church by an arrogant priest.  That happened to me when I was 14.pebblesOne should not throw pebbles in a glass house.. not even if you are a priest. I just followed my friends so see they read for the confirmation, I did not participate and the old priest threw me out of gods house.

What a great help! I lost all respect for that kind of religious fanatism. I am not a member of any church today, and thats for me a real freedom. Actually, the religions hurts more people than it helps… most religous people I know are really provocating, I thought religion was personal.., and I will not talk about the religious wars.

All my travelling in africa I have been provocated by the missions that take the best fields for their establishments. And they give people food and some learning to read and write… a bible.. IF they belive in their gods… URGH.  They have electricity and light, noone else has that in the bush…

WHY cannot people wear their religious symbols close to their hearts?


Well, I have another passion, I LOVE to create. I love to test materials. I love materials that stands for what they are.

And I need to find something unique that is possible to make en a reasonable way in Norway. Evrything is so expensive here. electrisity for my kiln as well.. even though we have clean hydropower. Well.. most of the cost is taxes…. ca 75%.


Well, I was digging for some rough stuff here, to support my porcelain, silver and … in the future, glass.


In my storeage og strange stuff and mad shopping I had two bags of rough clay. I tried it last year… but now I did some more srious work with it. Great! I like it, but I think I need to tumble it a bit to thake the sharp edge.


So.. there were problems, I should have known… black eats transparency..


I need to make some jewellry from these  :-)))))))


Thats troll beads…!

See you! I need to move over some more of the wonderful Norwegian natute to this blog. Things take taime!

Meanwhile.. visit and

have a nice day!

One response to “Trollsmed digging for troll beads…

  1. you are very creative…i’m really appreciate the art of troll beads
    troll beads lover

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