Inspiration, amhoras, old times bags..?

We can say whatever we like about modern times plastic bags…

They are not  … always …ugly, but cheap and efficient. We carry whatever we got to move in paper and plastic jars, boxes, bags..

They are not good for the environment either… we are shopping mad of these plastic bags…

But what did they do in old times?

Dream on… there is something about these oldtime carrieres of goods…

(some of my flamework friends beads are here too…..)

Look at that.. I made the oldtime jars to jewellry from handmade porcelain.

We need another history lesson:

In ancient times they transported and carried all things you cam imagine in clay amphoras.

Wine, stones, seed, fluor, food… They had a tight neck so they coluld be easily closed, and few mice and other creep could get in touch with the contains.

The soft clay material was not high fired, so it could breath, but were solid enough…. and they were put in boxes so when we find them today.. we find lots in a pile.

Trollsmed made a pile….

Not vases for flowers???

Oh no – these were carried over the oceans, over the land..

«Send half a litre of wine please…*

(ok.. the tinyest litre ever….)

Food and wine stored in the dark last for a long while. They have found old old wine and seed on bottom of sea…

These beads are real… I mean– beads… no beans….. the amphoras… handmade corks too.. from glass.

Simple and great souvenirs for tourists.. I should make some troll bags too…

Trolls carry bags.. I am sure – every Trollkjerring should have one.. for perfume, goods, whatever…!



… lets go on…


I know for sure, they had wine in ancient times too.:

We cannot serve product advertising here, but I dressed up a bottle of intalian wine with a piece of jewellry 🙂

…very italian……

May be a bit too peach colour for me.. but it looks very nice as a necklace…


Oils and perfume can be put into jars..

I need to make more!..!

…  lapis lazuli, crystals and some blue coloured freshwater beads.  I used a bottlecork that I cut to make the top.

I should have given them a bit more oxide to make them even more black..

I like them 🙂

SPOT in photoshop…

Have a nice day!

I had a surf for old ones… have a look!

.. sorry Norwegian text in images, I moved the post from my norwegian blog.

The trollsmed jewellry and angels and art is for sale at

Foreign customers must mail me, so I can move the item to my etsy store.


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