Personally I think the english word for these fantastic flying insects, DRAGONFLY is much better than the Norwegian word.. oyenstikker.. eye-pincher..

I dont like winters, and these were made as a comission duting heavy snowfall and hard winter with ten below freezing point in Norway.

I was longing for sun, fresh water streams and summer. Summer in Norway is fantastic!

So I made my versions of the dragonfly, in copper, handmade porcelain and glass beads. Actually, I am not in the mode for juewellry right now.

…may I call it a wallpiece jewellry??

Its not so easy to see the dimensions, an apple a day might help  🙂  🙂 ?

The trollsmith is a vegetarian, a finger might be tasty??

First I made the porcelain pieces… quite a lot.. Here they are halv dried and white..

I would love to make porcelain wings. But I was not able to… they became heavy, and the dragonflies did not seem to fly…

NEI, Tasha, you cannot eat that insect!!!

This is how I usually treat things I am not happy with…  ! (…sending a friendly thought to  Berngard and Perle, my beading friends, for the very useful hammer……)

I am an happu night worker.. something about the peace, the silence…

I solderd the copper wire, and painted it with gold paint. I tried also organza wings, but they did not come nice out.. they looked cheap.

And when I wake up in the morning.. this is what I can happen to see… SO what did you do last night??? MUMMMMBLLE:::

Messing it all up together???… hehe…

You can see the size from the paper sheet.  Some trying and testing, but the beads look really lovely… I made copper headpins for the glass beads. Some crystals (swarovskies for eyes…)

I fire the gold to 830 degrees C. The porcelain is fired to 1250 degrees twice.

SO – hokus pocus… two halv a metre.. 15 + inches dragonflies!

Actually, i was a bit scared that I did not manage to make them, I have only been working with porcelain for a little less than two years….

so I made two!— .

You can see the swarovski eyes.

There is always some leftovers.. so I made a necklace….

Really loing one.. and a finding from sterling that looks like a dragonfly!

So… a bit jewellry modus anyway..hah… 🙂

Thats me.. scary  🙂

.. sorry Norwegian text in images, I moved the post from my norwegian blog. http://snurremegrundt.vgb.no/

The trollsmed jewellry and angels and art is for sale at http://www.trollsmed.com/

Foreign customers must mail me, so I can move the item to my etsy store.


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